My Tactile Comfort Creation purses are one-of-a-kind.  I am proud of that.  They will never be anything but that.  I would rather take the time and make and sell fewer hand dyed, hand spun, hand knit purses with individually made buttons than lower the quality and sell more. Here is some of what goes into one of my purses.   
The wool I use is hand washed several times and then spun in the washing machine to get the excess moisture out of it.
This is a bag of hand washed wool.
Once the wool is dried, it is put through the drum carder to put the fibers in the same direction.
Here are the batts of wool ready for dying.
I usually dye four or five colors of wool for each purse. I like to dye small amounts at a time so the purses come out one-of-a-kind.
The dyed wool has been put through the drum carder again.
The five colors are then blended on the drum carder.
This is the spinning process in progress.
Once the bobbin is full, the wool is wound into a ball.
The yarn is then plied by holding the ball of yarn in my hands and feeding the strand from the inside of the ball and the strand from the outside of the ball onto the spinning wheel.
One more "turn" on the ball winder and I am ready for knitting.
The hand washed, hand dyed, hand spun wool is then knit on a circular needle.
The purse is then felted in the washing maching. Too little time and it is not felted enough, too much time and there is no going back and it would be ruined. Since I don't use a pattern, it is a surprise every time the process is completed.
The colors have become very muted with the felting process complete.
Once the purse is felted I create the button.
The finished product---from sheep to purse.