Marcus' Memories


Asta Leben von Auslese with her favorite toy--08/95
It is a good thing that Alan didn't want to give in when I said "no" when he asked to buy a puppy for himself for his 19th birthday!!!!
Leben ready to do something she loves.
Alan and Leben after finding "Nonay" (what Leben calls me) buried under the snow in a training session.

How can I describe the unconditional love between my son and his dog?  The last 9 years have brought much love and an incredible bond between the two of them.  Al and Leben spent 10 months together 24 hours a day in the Americorp Program.  During this time they traveled many miles and, at times, in very bad weather conditions, to train in search and rescue with Searchdogs Northeast.  Al and Leben went on to other adventures including traveling cross country. Life changed when Alan went off to helicopter training school.  He is now an EMS pilot and Lebs is living with Nonay temporarily.  For now they only see each other every few weeks for a week at a time.  Hopefully, she and her Dad will be reunited soon.  Until then, he will have this memory pouch and will be able to "feel" her presence with him.  The pouch is knit from 100% of Leben's undercoat.  The bottom is baked clay which I created in orange and white with her paw print in the middle.  The pull string is made from the tail hair of both of our horses and the slider was created to look like the toy hamburger that was her reward after a "find". 

UPDATE:  8/29/05  Alan and Leben have just left Effingham, New Hampshire, for Alan's new job in Oregon.  This is the first time in a few years that she has been able to live with her Dad.  She usually got depressed when it was time for Alan to leave but this time she knew that she was going with him.  Now, the memory pouch has changed hands and I will keep it with me until she returns.  That way when I miss her I can touch it and it will bring back all the wonderful memories. 

UPDATE:4/10/09-- Sadly, after weeks of poor health, Alan made the decision to have Leben put to sleep today.  He carried her outside and laid her down on her big bed and Al, Becky and "Nonay" spent 3 hours outside sitting with her and looking through her baby book and feeding her frosty paws and baby carrots.  It was so hard to see her go but now she will be able to be with her dad "24/7"  She must be a very happy camper right now.  WE LOVE YOU LEBS AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      

Leben's memory pouch gets passed back to "Nonay" until Leben returns for a visit. (8/29/05)
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