Below is a wonderful letter from Zealand's "Mom".  I am sure it was with a very heavy heart that it was written.  It was a  privilege to have had the opportunity to make this pouch in hopes that it will give a lifetime of comfort memories to her.

"We were moving and I was heart broken as we could not take my beloved Husky Zealand to Australia.  I next found out he had an inoperable growth and would not live long.  Zealand was adopted as a little ball of fur at 6 weeks of age and he was now a handsome and regal guy with a striped coat that looked and felt like down.  I searched for a way to keep some remembrance of him but pictures would not capture the feel that was the essence of him.  I heard about Tactile Comforts and a special someone orderered a purse with his paw print on the bottom and gave it to me as a gift.  I wondered how this would feel.  Would it be morbid or would it help him to live on in my touch memory.

His fur and hair was returned to me in the form of a soft and sensuous purse that is the same color and feels like I have a bit of him in my hand as it is in my heart.  It is ok to keep a memory not just in pictures but to feel close to him the same way I did in life-by touch.  He will always be there to touch.  I now have both my sense memory and pictures.  Thank you Tactile Comfort Creations for the memories.


Jennifer Baughan" 

Zealand's hair being spun. When I saw how short Zealand's undercoat is, I wondered if I could spin it without blending it with a longer fiber. I tried to spin it by itself and was able to use it alone and created a beautiful, soft memory pouch with 100% pure wolf/husky hair.
The finished pouch: I designed the slider with blue and brown because Zealand has one blue and one brown eye. The slider is the shape of his head for just a hint of his presence. Since his owner is a very special person to me, I included a touch of myself by making the drawstring out of my own horse's hair.
In the bottom of the memory pouch are Zealand's claw marks and a partial paw print. When his owners look at this they will always remember the day they tried to put his pawprint in the base.
I had just enough hair left over from Zealand's memory pouch to make a tiny 2" by 3" change purse. The hair is both the spring fluffy undercoat and the more coarse summer undercoat. This gives the purse two distinct textures..
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