Tammy and Buffy


Thanks for Memories


A few months ago, I was sitting with a friend having a cup of tea at Down to Earth Farm which is an antique and herb shop.  I was talking with the owner about my business and she brought out some fluffy undercoat that came from one of her pet goats.  I told her I would try to spin it and make her something for a "memory".  This is the finished product.  The gray in the purse is the goat's hair.  The rest of the purse is made from wool I dyed and spun.   

I sculpted the teapot out of baking clay and attached it to the purse with French knots which look like flowers on the teapot.


9/28/06----The prices for the coin/clutch purses are determined by the square inches of the finished product multiplied by $4.00.  The price of the memory pouches is determined by the circumference of the base of the pouch multiplied by $15. 

In order to get an idea of the cost, you can place your pet's paw on a piece of paper and draw a circle around it coming out from the paw about 1/2 inch.  Then, measure the line of the circle and that will let you know how many inches to multiply times $15. 

Prices include.  Spinning, washing, knitting and the base and the slide or the button on the item.

I like to have a picture of the pet so I can create a product that reflects the essence of your pet.  


"Harley's" owners decided to have a small memory coin purse made from his undercoat. His undercoat was spun and knit into a purse approximately 4" X 6". It has a handmade baked clay bone button as a closure.

"Paws" is a long haired cat. His memory pouch was made with a small portion of his own hair, spun and knit into it. It is the solid color near the top of the pouch. The rest of the pouch was made from 4 different wool fibers and some of my own dark grey cashmere. These are the colors that his owner says closely resemble the colors of his coat when he was a kitten. The bottom is baked clay with his paw print in it and the slide was made into the shape of a wedge of Swiss cheese and a mouse.

This is "Son's" purse.  Son is a 20+ year old cat.  Unfortunately, his owner is allergic to him so I chose to make a purse of his colors without incorporating any of his hair.  The button is his paw print and will always remind Deb of what an awesome cat he is. 
Sam and Scruffy Newton
Above are Jake (Sheltie) and Governor (Lhasa/Maltese) Guptill's memory pouches.  It is never too early to make a memory.  Jake and Governor are happy, healthy dogs full of life and much love. 

for more information on any of my exclusive creations, please contact me at: jan@tactilecomfortcreations.com