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Each hand crafted sculpture is labeled.
HANDMADE SOFT SCULPTURES--My handmade soft sculptures are one of a kind and are completely needle felted.  Some have a touch of hand  dyed, hand spun knitted accessories 
Below are "before" and "after" pictures of a felted tea pot.  It started with a piece of hand dyed wool I took from a batt.  The needles I use are felting needles.  They are extremely sharp and have tiny barbs on them.  You can't see the barbs.  The only way of detecting them is to slide your fingertips up and down the needle.  By repeatedly inserting the needles into the wool it knits the wool fibers together. 
Before my friend Kelly started her chemo therapy treatments last year, she had her hair cut.  She saved the pony tail.  I offered to do something with the hair for her.  She loved the moose that I created for my brother-in-law so I made one for her and used her hair for the eye lashes.  She thinks it is so cool!!!!  (please click on the photos to enlarge).    
The snowman needle felted sculptures below are all decorated with hand spun, hand knit scarves some of which are also hand dyed.  They range from approximately 6 inches across at the base and 7 to 10 inches tall.  Each is one of a kind and labeled.