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Isabella, Buddy and Bianca memory pouch
Molly wasn't too sure that she wanted a paw print made. Her owner had to wait until she fell asleep one day and then make it. She has one of the best paw prints in the bottom of her pouch!!!!!
Kozmo----I was blessed to have the opportunity to deliver Kozmo's pouch to his owners a couple of months before he passed away.  What a wonderful dog. It gives me goose bumps just thinking of him. 
<When Yogi was just 4 years old, he went in for surgery on his knee.  Sadly, he developed pneumonia soon after and passed away.  A few months before, his "Mom" had started saving the hair she brushed from him.  After his passing, she e-mailed me a heart wrenching letter about what happened and hoped that I could somehow spin his hair and make a "touchable" memory for her.  I was able to spin the little bit of hair that she sent and that has helped her in the grieving process.  
I always like to have pictures of the pet while spinning the hair to get in touch with their energy and personality.  One of the pictures was of this huge Mastiff sitting his "grandma's" lap!!!!

                                                                 >Casey's Mom wasn't sure about what I do.  She actually thought it was kind if "icky".  That was before she lost Casey unexpectedly.  Now, she is so glad to have a "touchable" memory of her beloved pet.