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The Friends Still with Us


 Denali, an Alaskan Malamute, was so loved by her owners that they wanted a hat made from her hair. 
She was born on 1-18-1996 and passed away 12-08-2008.  She was their "sweet girl" and they "loved her so."
EVE--04-04-03 to 03-15-09
Eve will be sadly missed.  She and the other sheep and goat in my flock were attacked by two dogs a month ago.  I tried desperately to save her but it was too much for her kidneys.  Lillah, Abby and Nick are doing fine.
This is Marley.  Her Mom saved enough undercoat in the past few months for me to spin and knit it into a short scarf for her.  It will be a wonderful touchable memory for her.  The picture to the right is Marley in disguise crossing the boarder into Canada.  The boarder guards loved seeing her every time she crossed!!